Research for 'Muslin. Our Story' in German-speaking countries

'Muslin. Our Story' now available at An exciting new book that takes you on the trail of muslin. This remarkable publication starts from the origins of the legendary fabric to its final stages, weaving a story as exceptional as muslin; of the rare cotton plant, its remarkable history, the magic of its manufacture, the incredibly fine fabrics woven by its artisans and the enormous impact it had on the trade and culture of Bengal and Europe. It is one of the most comprehensive books to be published on the topic to date. Therefor I did the research on the use of Muslin in German fashion history and found some extraordinary examples at museum's archives and private collections. The

L'OFFICIEL Magazine made an interview with me titled “The End of an Era”

Due to the recent rapid change of the industry L'Officiel asked me for its latest issue how I see the future of fashion. Lovely to be included is this interview series with 3 different experts. This is more or less what I said: Fashion is a way in which individuals express themselves. It defines who you are and it even defines status. It is a non-verbal communication. Unlike Liz Edelkoort declared "Fashion is dead", fashion will always be there, it will just change like anything else in the world changes. But fashion is also a business. Just like anything else. And that’s all people perceive it to be. Make clothes, sell them, and make all the money you possibly can. Furthermore in the Wester

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