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Newspaper article about love letter collection

I collected more than 200 love letters from around the globe. Together with video artist Gudrun Teich we made an installation consisting of 3 projections: During a 40-minute projection, the love letters scroll at reading speed. They are written to “little monsters”, “sweetie-pies”, and “honey bees” in all kind of languages, from Japanese, Chinese, and German to English, Dutch, Portuguese, and Korean. They are poems, drawings, and pasted letters that consist of passion, sadness, fun, or shyness – a touching kaleidoscope of burning hearts whose content tells us about our interaction with others.

One of the video loops shows various people of different ages and nationalities saying “I love you” in their mother tongue. Couples tell stories about how they met, and why they love each other.

Another loop shows the mass-production of wedding dresses in China, and the gowns as they are later displayed in shop windows in Europe. The loop shows Chinese wedding couples as well as wedding fairs in Europe - the industry around wedding dresses and people's longing for a "happy end".

The project shows the desire for love and passion worldwide, no matter what cultural, social or religious background people have.

Ute Rasch writes a series of love themed articles for the RP newspaper and asked me to show her my collection of love letters. And here's her article:

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