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Art direction for L’OFFICIEL Editorial

Latvian comrades and all else besides - don't miss the chance to see this gorgeous work designed by fashion design students of Riga’s magic Art Academy published at L’Officiel’s August issue. It’s out now! So get yourself a copy to discover more of those young talents. The editorial consisting of 10 pages was realized by the wonderful students who made the designs and styling: Santa Aulmane, Ksenija Belca Besler, Una Bērziņa, Dita Enikova, Dana Jasinkeviča, Evija Šaitere, Laima Ūdre. Also involved in the project: Kris Scholz (photographs), Dace Kļaviņa (hair & make up), Ann, Elina and Linda from Moonmodels, Jānis Gailītis (production coordinator), and myself (art direction).

The editorial was a result of a workshop I held together with photographer Kris Scholz at the fashion department of Riga's Art Academy.

Special thanks to Julija Rumjanceva (chief editor L’Officiel Latvia).

All photographs were taken at the art studios of the Latvian Art Academy in Riga.

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