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Portrait series on show in Beijing until December 23

Since its invention in the early 19th century, one of the primary focuses of photography has been the objective documentation of the visible world through the reproduction of this in the form of images ‘drawn with light’. Over the decades, a kind of battle arose between the new medium of photography and the time-honoured medium of painting. Today, however, art critics and museum professionals accept and even embrace photography as an artistic medium on equal footing with painting and sculpture. The exhibition Beyond the Sphere of Reproduction features a juxtaposition of six Chinese and six German photographers, who of whom question the history and role of photography in many different ways. What do documentation and reproduction actually mean? Does a photograph have to have depict something from the real world, or can it be a pure visual invention? Do you need a camera to create a photo? What constitutes a portrait? Can photography also be abstract?These and other questions are raised by the twelve participating artists. This exhibition project is a binational, cross-cultural cooperation not only between six Chinese and six German photo-artists, but also between a curatorial team consisting of a Chinese woman, a German and an American. It is also a project that unites three German and three Chinese art institutions: The exhibition has already been presented at the KUBUS Museum in Hannover and the City Museum of Bietigheim-Bissingen. After the White Box Art Center here in Beijing, the exhibition will travel to the e Museum of Contemporary Art in Shenzhen, the Galaxy Museum of Contemporary Art in Chongqing, and the Municipal Museum in Iserlohn.

(Text: Gérard Goodrow)


Beyond The Sphere Of Reproduction

Contemporary Photography from China and Germany

Participating artists 艺术家:Andreas Gefeller / Corina Gertz / Samuel Henne / 蒋鹏奕/ 杨嘉茜 / Michael Reisch / Michael Schnabel / Kris Scholz / 单飞鸣 / 王宁德 / 徐勇 / 张巍

Chief Curator 策展人:Gérard A. Goodrow

Curatorial Team 策展团队:Prof. Dr. Kris Scholz、Catherine Cheng 克瑞斯教授 / 成国琴

Exhibition dates 展期:2017-11-25 to 2017-12-23

Opening Hours 开放时间:10:00 to 18:00 from Tuesday to Sunday 星期二至星期日10点至18点

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