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Catalogue shoot for GIBRIEL in Marrakech

For the new campain I travelled to Marrakech to shoot the exclusive jewels of GIBRIEL. We shot at Musee da la Palmeraie, owned by Morocco's leading garden designer Abderrazzak Benchaabane, who was approached in 1998 by Yves St. Laurent and Pierre Berger, the owners of the Majorelle Gardens in Marrakech, to survey the planting. Later he made a complete restoration of the gardens including a new system for irrigation and to honor its creator, Jacques Majorelle, Benchaabane added new varieties from Majorelle’s chosen plant families raising the total varieties grown in the garden to 325. 10 years later the restoration was complete giving new life to the gardens. Benchaabane now acts as director of the charitable trust set up to protect the Majorelle Gardens. Since Yves St. Laurent asked him to create a perfume inspired by Majorelle Gardens, he is also a perfumer blending and bottling the garden's scents. I was very honoured and inspired being able to shoot there.

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